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If you appreciate high quality tools then you are at the right place.  You might be an experienced woodsman or a military professional.  Or, you might be just getting prepared for hiking or camping or hunting.  Heck, you might just like knives and like collecting something more useful than stamps. There is nothing like a top quality hand crafted knife when you need performance. When you purchase a Martin Knife you are purchasing a tool you can pass on to the next generation.  Every effort is made to put quality into every step.  If life catches you in a situation where dependability is a top priority then you will want a knife that has this kind of time investment built into it.  So take a look around and see if there is one that you need. I no longer take orders, but you can email me with your request for a certain design and I'll put it on a list.  I put knives on the "Inventory" page that I have completed and are for sale.  Thanks for stopping by and be sure and bookmark the page so you can come back often.

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