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BOKER ESPINA $145.00 free domestic shipping
The new Boker Espina by Martin Knives from Texas almost seems like an antique. No wonder, since it takes its shape from several historic designs. The coffin shaped handles ("coffin handle") of the original Bowie knives were the inspiration for the rear part of the integral dagger, made of a single piece of steel. Another inspiration for this piece is the traditional Scottish dirk. And finally, with its delicate, thinly ground blade, this dagger creates an overall look that is almost Venetian. Newton Martin has managed to unite these completely different style elements into one impressive dagger, creating something completely unique. The thickness of under 7 mm allows a variety of discreet carrying options, along with the leather sheath with its steel clip. The fine polish on the N690BO steel blade, and the polished linen Micarta scales complete this exceptional piece. Blade length: 4". Overall length: 7 5/8". Weight: 2.3 oz.

Boker Plus Newton Martin K-BIT $35.00
The name says it all. A Newton Martin design for an ultra compact Karambit. This design makes the knife a very compact companion, which can be worn discreetly using the accompanying Kydex sheath and ball chain. The handle opening provides many options and makes room for the fingers to ensure the most secure grip. Or use the entire hand around the ring for other applications, as the circular notches will provide optimum grip, and also allow for a winding of paracord. The 5mm thick blade is made of high performance 440C stainless steel, titanium coated. This knife makes for a truly versatile companion, any way you choose to use it!

Böker Plus Apparo with additional butt cap with button compass $155.95 FREE SHIPPING
Over the years, the knife market has seen numerous survival knives with hollow handles. Many of those can only be regarded as mere show pieces due to lacking stability. However, Newton Martin from Texas developed a construction which is virtually indestructible despite the screwed tang and handle. Extreme bending tests with fixed blade have permanently deformed the blade before any kind of weak points were noticeable at the point of connection.

International experts have been very enthusiastic about the presentation of these custom knives and we are now extremely proud to present this successfull concept by Martin Knives as excusive Böker Plus products. The massive blade has a thickness of 6.6 mm and is made of 440C stainless steel. The construction of the handle provides an entirely water-proof compartment inside the handle for the safe storage of additional equipment (not included).

The cord wrapping of the handle not only increases the grip but also provides several precious meters of stable rope in case of an emergency. Due to the milled checkering, the handle also provides a safe amount of grip in various conditions without the wrapping. The prominent handguard enhances the secure handling of the knife. Handle and blade have a matt, non-reflective blasted finish. A knife without compromise, ready for any kind of adventure!

Comes with black high-quality leather sheath. Available from May 2012. Overall length: 31.3 cm. Blade length: 17.9 cm. Thickness: 6.6 mm. Weight: approx. 480 g.

comes with additional butt cap with button compass.

Custom Sheath for Boker Plus Apparo
Custom riveted sheath made by Ed Martin for the BOKER PLUS APPARO. comes in black or brown. takes approximately 2 weeks for delivery. $125 free shipping.

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